New Release

Amazon ranks Jockey Hollow the #1 bestselling new release among Teen & Young Adult Books set in the United States Colonial and Revolutionary Periods –10/5/2015.

  • “Greatly enjoyed it”
  • “A story that needs to be told”
  • “Lovely ending”

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After revising and proofreading my new book, Jockey Hollow, for months, I probably can recite all 120 pages from memory. So I’m surprised that I still giggle when I read grumbling about money in Chapter Three and always get teary-eyed over the honest mutineers in Chapter Seven.

Chances are you remember some emotion-generating events from books you’ve read. Perhaps it was a heart breaking good-bye, a scary shadow in a dark cave, or maybe a celebration so contagious that you jumped up and down cheering. I’d like to hear about it. Just leave a comment on the Contact¬†page.

I hope you enjoy the website and check out Jockey Hollow. Thanks for stopping by.


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Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, June 10, 1815. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division