JHCoverJockey Hollow 
Where a Forgotten Army Persevered to Win America’s Freedom

Jockey Hollow is a wilderness reserve near Morristown, New Jersey, where General George Washington’s Revolutionary Army camped during the winters of 1779 – 82. At Jockey Hollow the freezing, starving, scarcely-paid troops are plagued by desertions, treason, and mutiny. How will they keep their country’s dream alive? This book looks at Jockey Hollow, its impact on the soldiers, and its impact on the outcome of the American Revolution.

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I thoroughly enjoyed it. . . . A fine treatment of a topic not easily condensed for readers, let alone middle-grade readers.
– Jude M. Pfister, D. Litt., Chief of Cultural Resources, Morristown National Historical Park

Lost Stories of the Great War

The collected stories in Lost Stories of the Great War include Native Americans inventing codes to stump enemy wiretappers, African-American National Guardsmen fighting in the French Army alongside French troops, a little bird rescuing hundreds of infantrymen, and more.

This selection of true stories from the Great War is enhanced and enlivened with combat artists’ battlefield sketches, one-hundred-year-old historic photos, and quotes from those who were there.

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  • What readers are saying about Jockey Hollow and Lost Stories:
    “Makes history come alive.
    “Well organized, well-paced and brimful of color illustrations.”
    “The writing is interesting, well researched and lucid.”
    “Absolutely excellent.”
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